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About JSCA

Chairman’s Message


The Japan Smart Community Alliance (JSCA) was established in April 2010 with the aim of resolving and overcoming the obstacles of individual organizations through collaboration of the public and private sectors. JSCA has a wide range of members from various private enterprises and organizations, including public service corporations, universities and local municipalities.

Recently, interest in smart community systems has been increasing worldwide and many demonstration projects are being implemented. International standardization activities that facilitate consistency in procurement and operating procedures for smart community systems have thus gained significant momentum.

In emerging countries, especially in Asia, energy demand in urban areas is increasing due to rapid population and economic growth. Urban development should therefore be carried out with a focus on environmentally sound and efficient social infrastructures, including improved energy, transportation, water supply, sewage, and waste disposal services.

Developed countries face a different set of challenges. Declining birth rates, aging societies and deterioration of urban infrastructures are key problems of common concern. Internationally, it is also necessary to take measures against global warming and frequent natural disasters caused by increasing CO2 emissions.

Smart community systems are expected to be an effective means to help resolve many of these issues by harmonizing with existing social infrastructures, thereby creating sustainable societies that can offer increased well-being, safety and security.

JSCA strives to lead the world in the field of smart community systems by proactively interacting with overseas organizations, such as the Global Smart Grid Federation, and integrating advanced Japanese technologies and services. In close cooperation with government agencies, JSCA continues to play an active role in globally promoting smart community technologies through the concerted efforts of its members.

Kenichiro Yamanishi
Japan Smart Community Alliance


In order to support the future growth of Japan’s leading energy-saving and new energy technologies, an organization composed of domestic companies needed to be formed that addresses common issues. For this purpose, the Japan Smart Community Alliance (JSCA) was established to accumulate knowledge and promote collaboration between the public and private sectors.
JSCA aims to contribute to the domestic and international dissemination of smart communities, which are based on the integration of innovative energy and social infrastructures, including smart grids. JSCA is working to facilitate the development of smart communities through collaborative efforts of the public and private sectors in Japan by planning and implementing activities that contribute to Japan’s economy. Such activities include fulfilling local government needs, overcoming potential barriers and issues as well as sharing information on public financing for smart grid technology development.

Organization Profile

Organization Name:Japan Smart Community Alliance
Address of the Secretariat:18F, MUZA Kawasaki Central Tower
1310 Omiya-cho, Saiwai-ku
Kawasaki City, Kanagawa 212-8554 JAPAN
Established:April 6, 2010
Secretariat:Smart Community Department
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)


■Working Groups■
JSCA has four working groups, in each of which active discussions and studies for further development and deployment of its own target issues are carried out through collective effort of both public and private sectors. Read More

■International Alliances■
There are challenging issues on development and dissemination of smart community-related technologies and achievement of international standardization, which are difficult for an individual company alone or an individual country alone to solve. That is why it is necessary to build international as well as cross-company cooperative relationships. Read More

In order to disseminate and collect relevant information and conduct public relations activities, JSCA hosts international events and alliance member-exclusive events as well as participates in domestic and overseas events.  Read More





3 min. from JR Kawasaki Station West Exit,
8 min. from Keihinkyukou Keikyu Kawasaki Station West Exit.


JSCA Secretariat
Smart Community Department
NEDO Head Office
18F, MUZA Kawasaki Central Tower
1310 Omiya-cho, Saiwai-ku
Kawasaki City, Kanagawa 212-8554 JAPAN

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