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Smart Community Development


A smart community is a community where various next-generation technologies and advanced social systems are effectively integrated and utilized, including the efficient use of energy, utilization of heat and unused energy sources, improvement of local transportation systems and transformation of the everyday lives of citizens.
JSCA plays an important role in promoting the domestic and overseas dissemination of smart community technologies while addressing issues that are difficult for companies or organizations to resolve by themselves, such as standardization and proposals for new social systems. JSCA facilitates collaboration among a wide range of relevant parties, provides information and contributes to the preparation of roadmaps.



The greater use of renewable and unused energy and local generation of heat energy for local consumption contribute to the improvement of energy self-sufficiency rates and reduction of CO2 emissions. Smart grids provide stable power supply and optimize overall grid operations from power generation to the end user.



Information and communication technology systems are basic infrastructures used in various social systems, such as communication networks that connect homes, buildings, factories, and transportation systems by using bidirectional information exchange. ICT systems also bring about the creation of various services by private companies and local governments to residents, and services between residents.



A smart community comprises innovative energy systems as well as overall social systems, such as transportation, water and sewer services, waste treatment, information and construction. Smart communities not only consist of infrastructure development but also contribute to shaping overall community planning.



Through the establishment of effective basic social infrastructures, a smart community offers new support services for everyday living and lifestyles, as well as develops disaster-response ready sustainable societies that actively respond to energy and environmental issues.

Main Activities