Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can become a JSCA member?
Japan Smart Community Alliance membership is limited to incorporated Japanese companies or associations. For further information about JSCA membership, including membership types and fees, please refer to the following pages (in Japanese only):

    「入会のご案内」 (How to Join JSCA)
    「規約」 (Bylaws)

Can we use JSCA’s logo?
Please note that only JSCA members can use the JSCA logo. To receive permission to use the JSCA logo, you will need to submit an application to the JSCA Secretariat on the members-only page.
Can we add a link to the JSCA Web site on our Web site?
In principle, users are free to link to this JSCA Web site as long as the source is clearly indicated as JSCA. However, users shall not link to this JSCA Web site in any manner that makes the source of content unclear, or shall not link to this JSCA Web site from any Web site that defames or slanders JSCA, other entities and/or any individuals, or that includes content deemed inappropriate, contrary to public morals and generally accepted good customs or law and order.