July 01, 2014

Post Event Report: Smart Community Summit 2014 Presentation Available

From June 18 to 20 in Tokyo, JSCA and NEDO hosted the Japan Smart Community Summit 2014. Thank you very much for coming to Tokyo!
Now all the speakers’ presentations are available on this page.


■June 18

Mr. Kazuo Furukawa, Chairman, NEDO

Opening Remark (no material available)


Mr. Norio Sasaki, Chairman, JSCA / Vice Chairman of the Board and Director, Toshiba Corporation

Opening Remark (no material available)


Ms. Midori Matsushima, State Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry

Guest Speech (no material available)

Mr. Yoichi Miyamoto, President and Representative Director, SHIMIZU CORPORATION

Achieving Real Sustainability

Introducing the U.S. - Japan Smart Grid Demonstration Project and Smart Community Cases

                                                   English / Japanese


Mr. Kazuhiko Ogimoto, Project Professor, Institute of Industrial Science Collaborative Research Center for Energy Engineering,
The University of Tokyo

Energy System Integration
Distributed Energy Management for Sustainable Energy Demand and Supply

                                                 English  / Japanese


< Panel Discussion about the Future of Smart Community >


Ms. Jen Hiscock, BEng, MMSc, Science and technology Advisor, Natural Resources Canada / CanmetENERGY Research Centre

Small and Smart

Canadian example of small smart community: Summerside Smart Electric Thermal Storage and Wind
English only


Mr. Alex Bettencourt, Managing Director, SmartGrid Canada

Smart Grids in Canada & America
English only


Mr. Tony Carroll, Chief Executive, SmartGridIreland

Country Report of EU including Ireland                   
     English only


Mr. Paul Budde, Director, Global Smart Grid Federation, Australia

Country Report of Australia
English only

Dr. Yonghun Jung, Energy Counselor to the Minister (MOTIE) and Secretary General, ISGAN

Country Report of Korea

- Smart Grid Deployment & Smart City Initiative -
English only


Mr. Reji Kumar Pillai, President, India Smart Grid Forum

English only


Mr. Paul Budde, Director, Global Smart Grid Federation, Australia

English only

Dr. Yonghun Jung, Energy Counselor to the Minister (MOTIE) and Secretary General, ISGAN

                                               English only


Dr. Hiroshi Kuniyoshi, Exective Director, NEDO / Secretary General, JSCA

Moderator (no material available)



■June 19

< The Latest Results of NEDO Smart Community Demonstration Projects >


Mr. Takumi Okada, Engineering Manager, Technical Development And Engineering Group Strategic Planning Department, Commercial Aviation & Transportation Systems, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd

Smart Mobility Project, ZEM2ALL in Malaga, Spain (no material available)


Mr. Nobutaka Nishimura, Senior Specialist, Community Solutions Div., Global Community Solutions Dept., Toshiba Corporation Community Solutions Company

Objectives and Key Findings of Lyon Smart Community Project in France (Report #1)
English  / Japanese


Mr. Frank Emura, General Manager, Social Innovation Business Project Division, Smart Energy Solution Division, Hitachi, Ltd.

Japan-US Island Grid Project (JUMP Smart Maui) - Interim Report -

                                              English only


Mr. Keith Regan, Managing Director, County of Maui / President, Credit Associates of Hawaii


                                              English only

< Special Session >

Mr. Anil Malik, Secretary (Power) & Managing Director, UTTAR HARYANA BIJLI VITRAN NIGAM LTD. (UHBVNL)

Role of Smart Grids in the Indian Power Sector: Current Developments & Challenges

                                              English only


< New Mexico Project >

Mr. Masaaki Yamamoto, Director General, Smart Community Department, NEDO

Opening Remark (no material available)


- Feeder Level Microgrid Demonstration in Los Alamos -


Mr. Kikuo Takagi, Technical Executive, Social Infrastructure Systems Company, Toshiba Corporation

Microgrid Demonstration in Los Alamos (no material available)


Mr. John Arrowsmith, Utility Manager, Los Alamos County


                                              English only


Takanori Ida, Ph.D., Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University

Field Experiment of Dynamic Electricity Pricing in Los Alamos

                                              English  / Japanese


- Smart House Demonstration in Los Alamos -


Mr. Kazumasa Shichiri, Supervisor, Systems R&D Group, Information Systems R&D Division, KYOCERA Corporation

The optimal control by HEMS and system construction of Smart House (no material available)


Mr. Yoshihiro Kitaura, Supervisor, New Business Development Center, Energy System Solutions Division, SHARP CORPORATION

SHARP HEMS with demand response system in Smart House demonstration

                                              English / Japanese


Mr. Satoshi Terasawa, Assistant Manager, Transportation and City Infrastructure Division, 2nd Systems Department, NEC Corporation

Transfer Cutout System and Supply Stabilizer (HEMS)

                                              English  / Japanese


- Smart Building Demonstration in Albuquerque -


Dr. Kimio Morino, Senior Research Engineer (Dr. Eng.), Institute of Technology, SHIMIZU CORPORATION

Micro Grid Demonstration Project in a Commercial Building in Albuquerque, NM

Demonstration of the high reliability power supply in a commercial building

                                              English  / Japanese


Mr. Takao Ogata, Manager, Business Planning Sect., Smart Energy Business Development Dept., TOKYO GAS CO., LTD

Micro Grid Demonstration Project in a Commercial Building in Albuquerque, NM

Test results of Compensation of PV fluctuation and Islanding Operation, using Gas Engine and Fuel Cell

                                              English  / Japanese


Mr. Hideki Hayashi, Ph.D, General Manager, Smart Grid Technology, Transmission & Distribution Systems Div., Toshiba Corporation

Smart Grid EMS (μEMS) functions in New Mexico PJ: Demonstrations and Simulation Studies (no material available)


Mr. Isao Wachi, Chief Project Manager, Power Systems Company Transmission & Distribution Systems Division, Power System Information & Controls Department, Hitachi, Ltd.

Hitachi’s Demonstration & Research Activities in New Mexico Smart Grid Demonstration Project (no material available)


Mr. Eiichi Nakashima, Senior Engineer, Technology R&D Institute, KANDENKO CO., LTD.

   Anti-islanding technology for high penetration residential PV systems

                                                   English / Japanese


Mr. Toshinari Takahashi, Senior Research Scientist, Computer Architecture & Security Systems Laboratory, Corporate Research & Development Center, Toshiba Corporation

Cybersecurity Topics and Vulnerability Management - ICS and IT security -

Part1: The Latest Research Subjects about ICS Cyber Security

                                              English  / Japanese


Mr. Lauri Korts - Pärn, Chief Technical Officer, Information Research Department, Cyber Defense Institute, Inc.

Cybersecurity Topics and Vulnerability Management - ICS and IT security -

Part2: Testing for and countering vulnerabilities

                                              English  / Japanese


Mr. Hitoshi Yano, Principal Researcher, Smart energy labs., NEC Corporation

Study of the use of distributed energy storages for demand response applications in a residential area (no material available)


■June 20


< Japan’s Flagship Smart Community Projects >


Mr. Kuniaki Iwatani, Deputy-Director, Smart Community Policy Office, Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Dept., Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Opening Remark

                                              Japanese only


Mr. Shunichi Habuka, Chief Specialist, Community Solution Div., Toshiba Corporation Community Solution Company

Yokohama Smart City Project - YSCP demonstration result and Next Step

                                              English  /Japanese


Mr. Masayuki Kawamoto, Project General Manager, R & D Management Div., TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION

Smart Communities Create a Low-carbon Society with Next Generation Mobility

Toyota City Low Carbon Society System Demonstration Project

                                              English / Japanese


Mr. Yoichi Hangai, Program Execution Manager, Business Development Department, Energy & Environment, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Outline of Verification Program in Smart Community Keihanna (Kyoto)

Outline of large-scaled demand response program

                                              English  /Japanese


Mr. Eiji Ohga, Chief Expert, Smart Community Grand Design Dept., Power & Social Infrastructure Business Group, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Demonstration Result and Future Development of Kitakyushu Smart Community Creation Project

                                              English  / Japanese





Mr. Kazuo Furukawa, Chairman, NEDO


Panel Discussion



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