January 27, 2015

Nominations for the Second Annual ISGAN Award of Excellence are open

One of the most prestigious global awards in smart grid fields has just unveiled the theme for this year, “Excellence in Smart Grids for Renewable Energy Integration” and started to accept applications.


About the ISGAN Award of Excellence ◆

This award was established last year by International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN) in order to showcase leadership and innovation in smart grid projects, in partnership with Global Smart Grid Federation (GSGF). The winners will be greatly promoted and recognized in its excellence towards the world. All the players in the field of smart grid and smart community can join.  → Check the ISGAN official website now.


Outline of ISGAN Award of Excellence 2015

Theme: “Excellence in Smart Grids for Renewable Energy Integration“

The ISGAN Award of Excellence in Smart Grids for Renewable Energy Integration highlights the critical role that smart grids can play in accelerating the deployment and use of clean, renewable energy sources. For more details, check “Official Rules” on the ISGAN official website.

Language: English

Eligibility: Any projects including pilot, demonstration, and deployment projects as well as established projects from any organization, company, and individuals.

Evaluation Criteria: Each nominated project will be examined based on the following four key criteria:

Potential Impact >>The potential impact of the project, including its approach, design, implementation, and similar elements, to influence the rate and scale of smart grid and variable renewable energy deployments and integration as well as the magnitude of realized benefits.

System benefits >>The degree to which smart grid technologies, systems, and approaches add value and produce either direct or indirect benefits across all dimensions (e.g. economic, social, safety, community, etc.), whether the targeted stakeholders for the project are end‐user customers (residential, industrial, commercial), the utility, the distribution system operator, network owners, energy traders, generators, or others.

Potential for replication or adaptation >>The degree and ease with which the project attributes can be replicated, adapted or scaled to other markets, environments, and/or countries for enabling the deployment and integration of variable renewable generation with smart grids, taken into account attributes such as cost-effectiveness.

Innovation >>The degree to which one or more major project elements is new, novel, and potentially highly effective or transformative.


How to apply ◆

・All Submissions are required to comply withOfficial Rules on the ISGAN  official website.

・Fill "Official Project Submission Form" and "Supplemental Information Attachment Form"(if necessary), and send them all to the ISGAN Award Coordinator.


Timeline of the 2015 Award Process ◆

January 26: Nomination period opens
March 20: Nomination period closes
April: Winner(s) notified
May 27: Award ceremony (*)       

* The ceremony is held on May 27 in the 6th Clean Energy Ministerial Meeting (CEM6) in Mexico.



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